Natural Feel Products and Ideals

About what has inspired Natural Feel Design and what I will bring to you in terms of products and ideals.

Growing Up

Growing up in Paris, Ontario I was a kid of the forests and rivers around me. I was taught to respect and appreciate the natural world, to take only what I needed and to leave all places I visited better than when I arrived. I owe my passion for creating to my family who taught me how to be curious, think outside the box, make things for myself, find solutions to problems, and pay a ridiculous amount of attention to detail. Because of this, I can make better products for you!


During my time at the University of Guelph, I achieved an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Certificate of Environmental Conservation. And During my time at Fleming College, I achieved an Advanced Diploma in Ecosystem Management.

I am constantly taking new courses, learning new things, and applying those things to my art and practice.

Natural Feel

Work Experience

Over the years I have lived throughout Ontario and Alberta working in the fields of environmental monitoring and habitat restoration. I have also worked in commercial greenhouses and at Royal Botanical Gardens. As a result of these experiences I have been able to combine my love for gardening and the natural world.  These skills have given me the ability to create the most wonderful garden at our first house in Innisfil. It is full of native, edible, and medicinal plants (which we have only had for one short year!).

Bringing it All Together

Through combining my passions, education, and hobbies I have been able to create a product line that I am proud of. Natural Feel is place where I can provide art inspired by nature, natural products, and packaging that does not contain plastic.

My grandma is an incredible woman who has shared her life experiences with me. From the days of horse and buggy, growing your own food, making your own products, living through the Great Depression and World War II. Every time I have a “new” idea, my grandma assures me that this is how it use to be done. I am not reinventing the wheel here, I am going back to basics.

I hope that Natural Feel products and ideals are those that you can get on board with!